11 October 2023

Completion of FAR3 conversion and expansion activities

We are pleased to announce the completion of the conversion and expansion work on our FAR3 camera.


New Semi-anechoic chamber:

  • Dimensions: 7,2m x 5,7m x 3,3m
  • Dedicated filters for High Current and High Voltage: 4x 1.000 VCC @400 A e 2x 1.500 VCC @100 A

New scope:

  • Full compliance automotive scope: EMI and EMS, Conducted and Radiated
  • Allowing large setups (fup to 5m x 1m or 3m x 2m ground planes)

In our policy of continuous development and renewal, in this phase of transition towards electrification, maximum attention has been given to the ever-increasing demand from the market, thanks to this investment our laboratory is able to carry out the majority of the tests required by the major OEMs specifications.