Emilab is a research laboratory and a certification body recognized at worldwide level. The laboratory perform tests and analysis in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility, electrical testing, environmental and mechanical mainly for the Automotive, Transportation, Industrial and Military.

Accreditation ACCREDIA guarantees of independence, impartiality and competence and is recognized around the world through the ILAC mutual recognition.

The laboratory is recognized as a technical service NSAI, Ministry of Transport of Ireland, and approved VAC, Ministry of Transport UK, for omologation of electronic components for vehicles.

Last in order of time, Emilab is approved by Fiat / Chrysler for the activities of the final validation of electrical and electronic products



Some numbers

The laboratory was completed in March 2012 the expansion of the test firm by installing, over an area of about 1300 square meters in the industrial area of Amaro. The instrumentation used is state of the stat of the art in testing. In particular it has

3 anechoic chambers operating up to 18GHz with systems capable of performing the tests with levels of more than 400 V / m emission measurements up to 40GHz

2 shielding  rooms and 3 bench for conducted tests 

Stripline and TEM cell capable to produce high-intensity fields

Stations for pulses testing 

Car simulation at 12V and 24V

1 measuring station for electrical testing of components

8 climatic chambers and 2 thermostatic chambers capable to produce temperature in the range  -75 ° C to +180 ° C

3 Thermal shock chambers

1 section system for PCB and microscopic analysis

Salt spray and UV test system

Mechanical tests: random vibration, sinusoidal and shock

Flame test (UL94, needle flame test apparatus), traking (CTI), glow wire test (EN 60335, EN 60950, EN 60601, etc)


Main activities

Evaluation and certification in the areas of:

• ECE ONU Reg.10 - EMC requirements for electrical and electronic components installed on the vehicle.

• Specifications specific - FCA, GM, FORD, BMW, AUDI, VOLVO and other

• Test DoD and MIL standard

• Directive 2014/35/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility

• Directive 2014/53/EU - RED Directive

• Directive 2014/35/EU - LVD Electrical Safety Directive

• Directive 2008/57/EC - Railway systems



The Notified Body Emilab, aware of the importance of its impartiality, independence and credibility has prepared a privacy policy, exclude any activity of consultancy and assistance on the products subject to certification. Has appointed a Committee and safeguarding of Independence and periodically performs the analysis of risks and threats to its impartiality.

Direct contact to te comitee:

sede2 ALSE CISPR 25 Semianechoic Chember operating up to 26GHz Full anechoic chamber FAR3 - up to 26GHz EMI receiver 2Hz-44GHz ISO Pulse RF Generator 4-quadrant Amplifier - ISO /EN 4-quadrant Amplifier -  - 12V/300A, 24V/200A Glow-wire test Flamability test UL94 Test IP Vibration test and combined tests (Vibration-temperature-humidity) Environmental test room 1 Datalogger Tensile testing on connectors Microscope  - metallographic tests Visual inspection Cross section - microscopy analysis Salt mist