11/10/2023 - Completion of FAR3 conversion and expansion activities

We are pleased to announce the completion of the conversion and expansion work on our FAR3 camera.   New Semi-anechoic chamber: Dimensions: 7,2m x 5,7m x 3,3m Dedicated filters for High Current and High Voltage: 4x 1.000 VCC @400 A e 2x 1.500 VCC @100 A New scope: Full compliance automotive scope: EMI and EMS, Conducted and Radiated Allowing large... Plese read all

30/06/2023 - Publication obligation for grant recipients (Year 2022)

Law 04.08.2017 n. 124 (Annual law for the market and competition) modified by decree law n. 34/2019 (Growth decree) art. 35 (Obligations to inform public disbursements). Article 1 125. Starting from the 2018 financial year, the subjects referred to in the second period are required to publish on their websites or similar digital portals, by 30 June of each year, the... Plese read all

27/05/2021 - Applus+ acquires IMA Dresden, a leading testing laboratory in Europe

​IMA Dresden is a German-based structural and materials testing laboratory, with a good reputation for excellence and a European leader in most of its key markets of railway, aerospace & defence, wind power, building products, medical devices and automotive. It has a comprehensive list of accreditations from its large industrial clients, as well as from key accreditation... Plese read all

20/04/2021 - Applus+ expands its Product Certification business in Italy

Applus+ Emilab expands its current capabilities with a new electrical safety laboratory, to provide global market access to local manufacturers. The new lab is located in Amaro, close to the Applus+ Emilab headquarters in the technological innovation hotspot of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.   With more than 500m2 dedicated to testing, the lab is equipped to perform safety... Plese read all

25/02/2021 - Radio equipment certification in the USA: an overview of the FCC certification programme

In this brief guide, we outline the basic procedures to certify radio equipment according to FCC requirements and how Applus+ can assist manufacturers to successfully certify their products for the US market.   Read the full article at Plese read all

15/02/2021 - Applus+ Laboratories invests in a new reverberation chamber at its UK lab

The new facility will enable our customers to test radiated immunity using the reverberation method according to the latest industry specs, including PSA B21 7110 (EQ/IR 06).   Read the full story at Plese read all

12/12/2020 - Applus+ acquires QPS

QPS is a product certification company for a wide range of industrial, medical and electrical and electronic (E&E) products including equipment and devices used in hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres).   Read the full story at Plese read all

08/10/2020 - Cost-effective strategies for the international type approvals of different variants of radio equipment

Radio regulation differs from country to country and without a cost-effective strategy, unplanned costs and delays can easily multiply. In this article we analyze how to prepare a radio type approval project with model variants.   Read the full article at Plese read all

30/09/2020 - Applus+ acquires Reliable Analysis

Reliable Analysis is a laboratory-based materials, component, electrical and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing company with a strong presence in China and the United States.   Read the full story at Plese read all

03/04/2017 - Emilab is now part of Applus+

Applus+ acquires Emilab, an electrical and electronics testing laboratory in the north of Italy This acquisition is part of the Laboratories division’s strategic plan to increase its international presence in high-technological value sectors Emilab has 19 years of experience and had revenue of 1.9 million euros Barcelona, 3rd April 2017 – Applus +, a global... Plese read all


The laboratory Emilab has been ACCREDITATED by the FCC for testing tasks FCC Part 15 and Part 18. We are the first Italian laboratory to be accredited by the FCC. At this time Emilab Srl. is hereby designated to perform compliance testing on equipment subject to Declaration Of Conformity (DOC) and Certification under Parts 15 and 18 of the Commission's Rules Plese read all

27/04/2015 - ISO 17065:2012 Accreditation

We got the accreditation ACCREDIA department Certifications and IAF acording to UNI CEI EN 17065: 2012 Certification of products/services Plese read all

20/03/2013 - Recognition FCC - USA EMC laboratory

The laboratory Emilab Via F.lli Solari 5 / A - Amaro (UD) was approved by the "Federal Communicationa Commision" FCC - USA with the number 933459 and inserted into section 2.948 for the parts 15 & 18 of the regulations. With this recognition will be possible for our customers to do on our site the requested tests for the Radio and EMC certification of electrical / electronic products... Plese read all

04/03/2013 - ACCREDIA-IAF for UNI CEI EN 45011:1999 Certification of products

We got the accreditation ACCREDIA department Certifications and IAF acording to UNI CEI EN 45011:1999 Certification of products/services and renewed the Notified Body for Directive 2004/108/EC Annex III with number 2036. The accreditation obtained allows us to operate in the international network of certifications guaranteeing to our customers high quality standards. Plese read all

06/02/2013 - Recognition IC - Industry Canada EMC laboratory

The laboratory Emilab Via F.lli Solari 5 / A - Amaro (UD) has been approved by the ministry, "Industry Canada" with the number 10864A-1 for tests according to standard ANSI C63.4. With this recognition will be possible for our customers to do on our site the requested tests for the Radio and EMC certification of electrical / electronic products for the Canadian market. Plese read all

15/03/2012 - Emilab completed new headquarters in a space of 1300sqm

Emilab completed the new headquarters of the laboratory in a space of 1300sqm   It 'was inaugurated the new premises of the laboratory developed an area of 1300 square meters. In the new location were installed two new anechoic chambers and a new system to generate electromagnetic fields at high intensity and a test system for hybrid cars. Plese read all

13/10/2011 - Emilab has been recognized as the 3th part by Fiat/Chrysler

Emilab Laboratory has been recognized as the third part of Fiat / Chrysler   The laboratory has been recognized Emilab as "third part laboratory" by Fiat / Chrysler and then you can perform  in our laboratory all validation activities for electronic and electronic systems for the group according to the approved test plan. Plese read all

01/03/2011 - Emilab has been approved as a technical service for the EU direc

Emilab has been approved as a technical service for the EU directive 2004/104 by NSAI   The laboratory Emilab has been recognized by NSAI as a technical service for approvals of automotive components installed in the vehicle. Through this recognition can be carried out directly in the laboratory the process concerning the "E" mark with a short time for the issue of the... Plese read all

21/01/2011 - Conference "Certified products for Global Markets."

21/01/2011 will be held at the Conference "Certified products for Global Markets 21/01/2011 will be held at the Conference Room of the Center for Technology Innovation Amaro (UD) the conference "Certified products for Global Markets." Speakers Company representatives, ACCREDIA, the Head of the Delegation of Confindustria Udine Tolmezzo FEDERICO Gollin, Vice-President Regional... Plese read all

22/06/2010 - Accreditated test Extension

On 22-06-2010 Emilab have obtained the extension of accredited tests by ACCREDIA On June 22, 2010, the Sectoral Committee for Accreditation of Laboratories credit ( has approved the extension of accredited tests. The offer of accreditated test then include: EMC tests according to the main specific automotive EMC and safety testing for ITE sectors,... Plese read all

03/01/2010 - Renew Organism Notified for the directive 2004/108/EC

We are pleased to inform you that on 22.12.2009 has been renewed for the Notifie The Notified Body n. 2036 EMILAB for the European Directive 2004/108/EC has been renewed on 22/12/2009. This recognition attests to the competence of our institute in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and there is support in the issues of analysis and certification for CE marking. See... Plese read all

14/10/2009 - ACCREDIA Accreditation of the Laboratory

At the date 14-10-2009 Emilab have obtained the accreditation ACCREDIA We have the pleasure to communicate that at the date 14 october 2009 the ACCREDIA ( / committee for Laboratory Accreditation have granted the Accreditation N.0986 to our Laboratory. The accreditation gotten according to the norm UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 including part of... Plese read all